CS 3053 Human Computer Interaction

Class Schedule

Fall 2009

The following is a preliminary schedule of the lectures and presentations for CS 3053 Human Computer Interaction for Fall 2009. Since this is the first time using this book and the tour dates have not been finalized, this schedule is very much subject to change and I will keep it updated throughout the semester. The project deadlines are in red and will not change, even if other parts of the schedule change.

Date Topic Assigned Reading Assigned Due
Aug 25 (Week 1) Introduction to HCI Ch 1 HW 1  
Aug 27 Campus user interface evaluation, User populations and their needs   Project 1 HW 1
Sep 1 (Week 2) Guidelines, Principles, and Theories Ch 2    
Sep 3 Guidelines, Principles, and Theories iPhone Human Interface Guidelines: Part I Project 2 Project 1
Sep 8 (Week 3) Tour of Norman FAA tower at airport Ch 10 (Ethics book) HW 2  
Sep 10 Ethics discussion 1     HW 2
Sep 15 (Week 4) Requirements analysis Ch 3 Main project Project 2
Sep 17 Direct manipulation Ch 5   Project pitching, bidding
Sep 22 (Week 5) Direct manipulation      
Sep 24 Menus, forms, and dialog boxes Ch 6   User needs analysis
Sep 29 (Week 6) Menus, forms, and dialog boxes      
Oct 1 Tour of the Storm Prediction Center   HW 3  
Oct 6 (Week 7)
Project Mock interface evaluations
Project mock interface evaluation
Oct 8
Class Cancelled (Dr McGovern sick)
HW 3
Oct 13 (Week 8) Discussion of tour, Discussion of microwave interfaces, Appropriate user documentation Ch 12   Revision of user interface guidelines
Oct 15 User documentation and class exercise   HW 4 HW 4
Oct 20 (Week 9) Command line and natural language inputs Ch 7    
Oct 22 Working prototype 1, Command line interface discussion Ch 8   Working prototype 1
Oct 27 (Week 10) Input devices      
Oct 29 HCI talk from 11:30-12:30 then Collaborative interfaces Ch 9    
Nov 3 (Week 11) Working prototype 2     Working prototype 2
Nov 5 Collaborative interfaces   HW 5
Nov 10 (Week 12) Evaluation and analysis Ch 4   Controlled experiment writeup
Nov 12 Evaluation and analysis   HW 6 HW 5
Nov 17 (Week 13) Expectations and models of response Ch 10 HW 6
Nov 19 Expectations and models of response, analysis of user surveys      
Nov 24 (Week 14)
In-class user testing on complete applications
Nov 26
Thanksgiving vacation
Dec 1 (Week 15) Being informative Ch 11    
Dec 3
Dec 8 (Week 16)
Class cancelled
Dec 10 Final project delivery and demos, Review for final presentations Final writeup due
December 11, 12:30-3pm
Poster presentation: Heritage Room in Student Union
Dec 14 (Final exam period 1:30-3:30pm)
Final exam: Presentation of OZone survey findings