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Spacewar is a publicly available re-implementation of the Asteroids game. We have used it for almost 10 years in teaching introductory Artificial Intelligence. The EAAI paper has software associated with it and this page has a copy of the latest version (last used Spring 2012).


  • McGovern, Amy and Trytten, Deborah. (2013). Making In-Class Competitions Desirable For Marginalized Groups. Proceedings of the 2013 Frontiers in Education Conference, pages 704-706. [pdf (261K)]
  • McGovern, Amy and Tidwell, Zachery and Rushing, Derek (2011). Teaching Introductory Artificial Intelligence through Java-based Games. To appear in the proceedings of the symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Code, paper, and model assignments.
  • McGovern, Amy, and Fager, Jason. (2007) Creating Significant Learning Experiences in Introductory Artificial Intelligence. Proceedings of SIGCSE 2007, technical symposium on computer science education, pages 39-43. [pdf (223K)]


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